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NMPAN is an university Extension-based community of practice of people and organizations helping small meat processors thrive by growing our shared wealth of information and innovation. We offer tools and technical assistance for small processors and the farmers, marketers, and meat buyers who depend on them. NMPAN is housed at Oregon State University.

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Beginner’s Guide to Local Meat Processing

新的世界肉类的过程ssing? Want to learn more about key terminology, what meat processing entails, and a bit about regulations and meat processing economics? Check out our four part series on local meat processing.
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Processing best practices, equipment, and keeping the wheels on every day. Also, animal welfare best practices & science so you can provide the best care for your animals and ensure regulatory compliance.
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Planning a New Facility or Expansion

Tools for planning a small processing business, cost calculation, plant design, and testing your plan’s feasibility.


All aspects of going mobile: case studies, design and construction, financial models, regulatory considerations, and video.

Regulations & Food Safety

Processing regulations, HACCP, food safety, and microbiology.
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Webinars & Case Studies

Learn from the experts: focused sessions on practical issues and innovations. Profiles of innovative processors.

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