Rebecca Thistlethwaite.


Rebecca stepped into the Director role in 2019 after three years as the NMPAN Program Manager. She has a master's degree in International Agricultural Development from the University of California - Davis and was formerly co-owner of TLC Ranch, a mid-scale organic pastured poultry and livestock enterprise in California. She is author of two books on farming-有未来的农场:创造和成长可持续的农场业务(2012) andThe New Livestock Farmer: The Business of Raising and Selling Ethical Meat(2015) and provides business and marketing consulting for sustainable farms and food businesses. Rebecca has over 23 years working in agriculture in many different facets, from farmworker and farm owner to agricultural researcher, training beginning farmers, and policy advocacy. Rebecca lives in the Columbia River Gorge region of Oregon with her two children. When not running NMPAN, you will find her cooking, trail running, health coaching, or volunteering for local schools.


Noel Bielaczyc.

Noel Bielaczyc是密歇根州立大学区域食品系统中的价值链专家,他的作品侧重于区域粮食聚集和分配,小型和中型肉类供应链,以及机构采购。以前,Noel是一位鱼贩和批发蛋白质买家。

Sarah Blacklin和Lee Menius

莎拉Blacklin数控合作推广建造ator and Program Director at NC Choices. Sarah has over 14 years of experience helping small farmers in NC maximize direct and wholesale marketing efforts to enhance profitability. Lee Menius is the Program Technical Coordinator for NC Choices. Having worked for NC Choices from 2007-2010 Lee recently rejoined the NC Choices team in October 2018 as technical coordinator where he works provides support to niche meat producers and processors in North Carolina. He also operates Wild Turkey Farms LLC producing pastured pork and other meats.

Dr. Jonathan Campbell

电话: (814) 867-2880.

Dr. Joseph Cordray

Joseph Cordray was formely the Extension meat specialist at Iowa State University (ISU) and has over 40 years experience in all facets of the meat industry. He was responsible for the ISU series of sausage and processed meat short courses. He works extensively with Iowa meat processors on food safety training and regulatory compliance.

Bruce Dunlop.

Bruce Dunlop是华盛顿州的一家畜牧业生产者和岛屿种植农民合作社的成员。他为红肉种类建造了第一个OFA检查的移动屠宰单元,并在许多其他人上咨询过。此前,他是生物公司和食品工业的化学工程师。他在洛佩兹岛上的农场。

Dr. Manny Encinias

Manny Encinias is an animal science professor at Mesalands Community College and formerly a NMSU Extension Beef Specialist for 15 years. He is a 4th generation cattle rancher and also has a cattle management consulting business. He raises and direct market grassfed cattle. Se habla español. Email:

Evan Gunthorp

Evan Gunthorp is the plant manager for the combined red meat/poultry processing plant (Brushy Prairie Packing) on Gunthorp Farms in La Grange, Indiana. This is a multi-generation, vertically-integrated farm that focuses on pastured chickens, pigs, ducks, and turkeys. Their USDA inspected plant processes between 20,000-40,000 lbs of product weekly and they distribute their products around Indiana, Illinois, and other nearby states. Email:

Lauren Gwin博士

Lauren Gwin co-founded NMPAN with Arion Thiboumery in 2007 and just recently stepped down as Director in June of 2019. Lauren is the Associate Director of Oregon State University’s Center for Small Farms and Community Food Systems, Extension Food Systems Specialist, and an Associate Professor at OSU. Her extension and research focus on policy and regulations, small-scale meat and poultry processing, and distribution and marketing within local and regional food systems.


Jennifer Hashley是新条目可持续农业项目总监,一个开始农民培训计划。In addition to running this farm incubator, she writes curriculum for specialty crop and livestock producers, manages a Mobile Poultry Processing Unit, and is co-founder of a pasture based livestock operation, Pete and Jen’s Backyard Birds in Lincoln, MA with her husband, Pete and their son, Abraham.

Matthew Leroux.

Ag. Marketing Consultant. Matt has nearly 20 years’ experience serving farms through Cornell Cooperative Extension, non-profits, and consulting. Specializing in market strategy, Matt works with a diverse mix of produce and livestock farmers and food businesses. Career highlights include developing the Marketing Channel Assessment Tool, the Ithaca Meat Locker, and the Cornell Meat Price & Yield Calculator.


Nick McCann以前曾担任密歇根州立大学的价值链专家,是爱荷华州立大学的一个扩建主义。他是一家有社会意识的草地肉类小吃棒公司任务肉类的联合创始人。尼克的电子邮件是:

Francisco Najar-Villarreal

Francisco是堪萨斯州立大学和Meatspad播客的创始人博士学位博士学位。弗朗西斯科开始了他的美国。2016年1月在堪萨斯州立大学的肉类科学集团计划。完成他的M.S.,他决定奉行博士学位。堪萨斯州立大学的肉类科学。他的愿望是通过分享整个肉类行业的知识来帮助肉类行业向前迈进。Francisco最初来自墨西哥并获得了他的B.S.来自Automa de Nuevo Leon Universida rensida的食品工程。sehablaEspañol。电子邮件

Kathryn Quanbeck

Kathryn Quanbeck是业务发展总监卡曼牧场,在太平洋西北地区的草地牛肉和牧草业务。Kathryn以前是N​​MPAN的计划经理,之前是美国农业部的牲畜经济学家。她在UC-Davis拥有农业经济学硕士学位。


生长吐痰, PhD, was most recently the General manager of佛蒙特包装厂, a medium-small meat processor in Vermont. Before that he was VP at Lorentz Meats in Minnesota. He received his doctorate from Iowa State University in Sustainable Agriculture and Meat Science. Arion co-founded the Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network.

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